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MTX Thunder 81000D Mono-Block Class D Specs

Thunder81000D Mono-Block Class D

This amplifier is the one with the most teeth. It's got it all. Adaptive Class D Technology, for high power in a small package. Anyone can make a high power amplifier in a big package. But it takes smarts and careful engineering to produce big power in a small footprint. Adaptive Class D Technology is how we make this amplifier so efficient at producing power. The crossover is low pass, variable from 40Hz to 200Hz. And, we've even built in our compression circuit, to protect your woofers at high SPL levels. Add in the EBC2 and the Thunder EQ and this is one amp to be feared.

UNCOMMON TECHNOLOGY Class D technology is another approach to amplifier output stage design. Designed to drive subwoofers, Class D technology is highly efficient. You get increased power output, with less current draw, in a smaller footprint.

MTX Audio has three Class D amplifiers:
- Thunder4250D
- Thunder6500D
- Thunder81000D

Common Class D Class D amplifiers are pretty common these days. It seems like everybody has one. Let's discuss the common approach. Amplifiers that use Class D technology are switching amplifiers. These amplifiers feature MOSFET transistors that operate as a switch and are used to manage the power applied to the speaker. The controlled switching power distribution creates a square wave known as Pulse-Width Modulation. High frequency energy is generated from this square wave and is commonly concentrated at one point that must be filtered from the audio path of the amp. Harmonics from this concentrated high frequency energy travel into the radio frequency range, and can cause interference with the radio's reception or be picked up by the audio system's ground. That means NOISE.

MTX Adaptive Class D - An uncommon approach
MTX changed the rules with our innovative, new Adaptive Class D Technology. With our approach, the amplifier's switching energy is constantly changing and is moved away from FM radio frequency ranges as the amplifier's load and output increases. This ensures that the harmonics do not interfere with the radio's reception and are not picked up by the audio system's ground. This improves the amplifier's overall signal-to-noise ratio, and eliminates interference that is generated by more common Class D amplifiers. In other words, listeners can enjoy all the clean, musical sounds from the radio without the interfering noise of the Class D amplifier. Technology. What a great thing when you use it right.

Contact Informatie:

Rho Delta Automotive
Escudostraat 2
2991 XV Barendrecht

Telefoon 010 - 479 66 88
Telefax 010 - 479 70 20


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